Digital Manufacturing

Digital Manufacturing

Digital manufacturing is an integrated computer based system that includes 3D visualization, simulation, analytics, and collaboration tools to create processes for product and manufacturing simultaneously. Its application of digital data is for the overall improvement of manufacturing products, processes, supply chains and services.

SHOPGRID®'s Capabilities

SHOPGRID® utilizes digital manufacturing to allow manufacturers to store mass quantities of data in an affordable and flexible environment. Digital manufacturing permits everyone in the manufacturing development cycle to connect psychical assets by a digital thread, which unleashes a smooth flow of data from product life cycle to sourcing, designing, testing, production, distribution, sale, and use.

Digital manufacturing allows an interactive approach to production, beneficial to the customer’s demands. It enhances productivity by producing quicker and higher quality prototypes. The real-time inventory monitoring allows manufacturers to oversee, adjust, and master their production line. SHOPGRID®’s digital manufacturing software enables perpetual feedback from everyone in the production cycle.


Manufacturing processes optimized within a controlled environment

Provide graphical environment to analyze dimensional variation

Implement production processes in real-time with access to lifecycle data

Reduce commissioning costs by validating robotics and automation programs virtually

Improve productivity in manufacturing planning and production processes

Produce flexible work instructions capable of displaying 2D and 3D part information

Work instructions capable of presenting machining and tooling instructions

Supports six-sigma and lean initiatives

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We provide a wide range of software for manufacturing and automation processes in addition to manufacturing services for data mining, intelligence, execution systems, and process improvement.

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