Smart Routing

Smart Routing

Smart routing uses industrial artificial intelligence to calculate a product’s most efficient route from raw material to finished product in real-time. Each smart routing has its own defined number sequence for the manufacturing order. As long as the numerical order corresponds meticulously to the order of the routing tasks that is required for the correct production process, the numerical order can be in any sequence. Examples of smart routing numerical sequences are, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 10, 25, 35, 40, 55. Some manufacturers prefer skipping numbers between each entry so that an addition can be added to the sequence by inserting it between the current entries.

Plan Manufacturing Processes

SHOPGRID® utilizes smart routing to improve manufacturing processes collected by synchronizing manufacturing intelligence software and manufacturing execution system data. Smart routing is a process used when creating an item with a manufacturing process. Each smart routing has its own defined number sequence to complete for the manufacturing order. Smart routings can be used more than once, adjusted, and removed. It improves manufacturing productivity, efficiency, and reduces operational error, downtime, and resource waste. SHOPGRID®’s smart routing operates upon a given sequence of routing tasks. Within the smart routing, it will include associated products where it can be used. Depending upon the number of manufacturing shop floors, the same product may have more than once sequence to complete the product.

For example, one shop floor may manufacture the same product or good with a different numerical sequence. Thus, this product may have a smart routing that is used in each different shop floor where it is being produced. An additional example is the manufacturing run influencing the smart routing sequence. If one run is for a smaller number of units, say 10 units, and another run is for a larger number of units, say 1,000 units, utilizing different routings should be selected for greater efficiency. Keep in mind, when a manufacturing run of the product is created, only one of the possible routings is used to make the product in any given manufacturing run.


Multiple smart routings are possible for each standard manufactured item

Smart routing selection can be adjusted depending on the order quantity

All tasks required to manufacture an item are determined

Optimum sequence of operations

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