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Progressive Innovation and Automation strives to deliver continuous advancements across manufacturing operations. Through utilization of modern computing techniques, like artificial intelligence, we provide cutting-edge software and systems for manufacturing needs. At Progressive Innovation and Automation, we put the needs and wants of our clients on the front line by offering real-time visibility and control of manufacturing cycles, a unified database, and streamlined communications. Our goal is for every client to be fully integrated with our software and systems as quickly as possible to achieve success, increase value, and expediate manufacturing processes. Knowledgeable and experienced engineering staff customize software solutions to optimize and maximize manufacturing assembly line’s production capabilities.

Customized software solutions for everyday mundane, dangerous, and risky tasks. Utilizing manufacturing execution systems and intelligence software, the manufacturing shop floor removes potentially hazardous operational errors and promotes operators to focus on more important controllable tasks.

Focusing on our clients means providing them with the upmost confidence. Our friendly, innovative, and experienced engineering team provides customizable solutions. Our noninvasive application integration allows the engineering team to completely customize software that provides lasting solutions.

Manufacturing experts are available to support quickly, attentively, and accurately. With personalized customer support, any potential problematic situation is handled prominently and with urgency. Whether you are available online or via phone or email, we will help and provide the upmost assistance to resolve any issue.

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We are Progressive Innovation & Automation, Inc. Founded in 2001 to serve the needs of a diverse set of Market Leaders looking for support in their automation projects as well as innovative ideas to improve production.

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About us

We provide a wide range of software for manufacturing and automation processes in addition to manufacturing services for data mining, intelligence, execution systems, and process improvement.

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