Manufacturing Execution Systems

Manufacturing Execution Systems

A manufacturing execution system is a control system that monitors and manages all work in process on the shop floor. Keeping track of all manufacturing information in real-time, manufacturing execution systems send and receive information from the machines, machine monitors, and operators. The advantage of a manufacturing execution system is providing a solution to improve productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness, reduce cycle time, and increase processes.

What a Manufacturing Execution System Can Do for You:

SHOPGRID® simplifies new product introduction and increases efficiency while saving money and resources. The innovative processes provide multi-user groups ease of mind by keeping production on schedule while informing clients of status updates.

Flexible work orders, replication of bill of materials, and real-time production stages improve production efficiencies by estimating completion times, scheduling tasks and assigning them to workers, and creating multi-level orders.

Replace countless of dissimilar shop floor and supply chain solutions with a single integrated suite of software designed to synchronize data. This improves operator efficiency by providing a unified list of clear instructions and notes designed to fit the needs of the operator.

SHOPGRID® is modernizing how complex manufacturers transform their production operations with manufacturing execution system strategies. Beginning with integrating SHOPGRID® with current software, SHOPGRID® collects data to eliminate paper trails and purchasing errors, reducing inventory costs, and analyze production costs.

  • Enables paperless manufacturing
  • Empowers manufacturers to meet goals of reducing resources
  • Improves efficiency, quality and customer satisfaction
  • Rapid responsiveness and consistent deployment of processes
  • Improves information delivery to the right people at the right time
  • Insight to production capacity analysis, work in process, and times
  • Foundation for continuous improvement initiatives and compliance
  • Achieve manufacturing excellence consistently executed and delivered
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