Manufacturing Intelligence Software

Manufacturing Intelligence Software

Manufacturing intelligence software is designed as a manufacturing solution to free the data currently locked within control and business systems. SHOPGRID® delivers actionable information that improves productivity, reduces costs, and increases revenue. The manufacturing solutions produced provides analytics that help with decision making, when and where it is needed most. Manufacturing intelligence software improves plant efficiencies and overall equipment effectiveness that save time, money, and resources.

SHOPGRID®'s Real-Time Manufacturing Solutions

SHOPGRID®’s manufacturing intelligence software delivers added value from the manufacturing related data the plant continually generates. With a complete SHOPGRID® integration, shop floors can consolidate data from numerous sources and utilize the reporting and analysis information to make better informed decisions.

SHOPGRID® is the only manufacturing intelligence system that synchronizes its data with manufacturing execution system data which allow its users to monitor critical manufacturing process parameters on the shop floor in real-time. Instantaneous identifying production and maintenance issues report real-time notifications to the shop floor operator before the error results in a catastrophic event on the shop floor.

Benefits and Features:
  • Improved productivity, efficiency and quality
  • "Hands off" data capture and analysis
  • Visibility of overall enterprise or specific work center performance
  • Customized graphic representations of performance metrics
  • Real-time availability, performance, quality, and work center efficiency
  • Remote accessibility to view all manufacturing processes
  • Graphic displays to easily identify and analyze performance and cost details
  • Improved data accuracy and integrity
  • Flexible report scheduling
  • Data mining
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We provide a wide range of software for manufacturing and automation processes in addition to manufacturing services for data mining, intelligence, execution systems, and process improvement.

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