Cloud Manufacturing

Cloud Manufacturing

Cloud manufacturing is a process that utilizes manufacturing resources through the cloud. Information is able to be viewed, updated, and applied at any given time or location that is Internet accessible. Cloud manufacturing helps manufacturers reach larger, attainable goals faster and easier. It allows manufacturers to achieve quicker deployments and quickens the process by automating communication between manufacturing and accounting.

Streamlining Manufacturing Processes

SHOPGRID® utilizes cloud manufacturing as a solution to streamline the manufacturing process through visualization, communication, and collaboration. Cloud manufacturing allows software to be integrated with ease for a more proficient business flow, shows real-time status updates on all and specified machines, and integrates social solutions to resolve shop floor issues from reoccurring.

It’s better to know what’s happening on the shop floor, instead of not what happened, to improve productivity. Cloud manufacturing does more than provides data, it offers more information to all users from operators to shop floor managers to help leverage current systems and operations to perform with greater efficiency and effectiveness.


Real-time peformance updates

Increased accessibility

Virtual computing resources

Improved time to market

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