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Accurate Real-Time Measurement of Process and Quality Data

Unipaired visibility to usage, waste, and residual resources throughout production cycles.

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Visibility of Resources, Performance, and System Availability

Overall equipment efficiency reduces direct and indirect costs associated with sub quality production.

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Improved Production Accuracy

Eliminate unnecessary redundant data entry and batch interfaces requiring third party programs for input, output, processing and reporting.

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Software Solutions for Manufacturing


Digital manufacturing software solution which creates "smart factories" through the integration of data exchange and automation. Read more...

Execution Systems

Process and equipment control system that will monitor and manage the system’s work-in-process on the shop floor. Read more...

Intelligence Software

Gather manufacturing data and statistics straight from the manufacturing floor and delivers the data in real-time. Read more...

Production Tracking

The impact of data collection spans across all aspects of production including resource management, real-time monitoring, and labor traceability.

Cloud Manufacturing

Utilizing the computing power of the cloud to streamline an execution process. Read more...

Lights Out Manufacturing

Complete transparency from production start to finish including product tracking, robotic lines, part design, and smart routing.

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We provide a wide range of software for manufacturing and automation processes in addition to manufacturing services for data mining, intelligence, execution systems, and process improvement.

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